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Relax and enjoy superior products and professional holistic approach to support a healthy lifestyle.   

The products  are organic and or wild crafted with nutrients that support skin functionality. 

Love the skin you're in. Take charge of your health and beauty today with professional holistic skin care.


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The perfect add on to compliment any of our services

-       Cowry shell Facial Manipulation    $20

-       Eye Treatment    $15

-       Hand Treatment   $20


Wellness Treatments


How can Reiki support your health and well-being?

Reiki works on the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical body.

Reiki promotes deep relaxation, removes energy blockages and

relieves stress. It increases the overall sense of well-being

and joy. True beauty and wellness begins within.  


Reiki Relaxation Facial Therapy  $80

This facial therapy is customized for your skin type. You will receive

a Reiki treatment during the facial therapy.   

Duration 60 minutes.  

Reiki half hour treatment  $45

Reiki hour treatment         $80  


Free Online Reiki Healing Share

Join me and experience distant healing. You can

give and receive this loving energy. A Reiki attunement

will increase your abilities but this 30 minute session will

introduce you to the power of healing love which is Reiki.



                            HOLISTIC SKIN THERAPY

                         Featuring De La Terre Skincare®

From The Earth Gemstone Facial Therapy $111

Gemstone skin therapy promotes skin health by cleansing irritants

from skin's surface with the application of hydrotherapy using pure

botanical infusions. Skin radiates with health following the application

of herbal enzymes, mist, and serum. The combination of plant science

and skin manipulations with gemstones improves skin's

physical and energetic health.

Duration 70 minutes       


From The Sea Tiger Cowry Shell Facial Therapy $111

This facial therapy is based in hydrotherapy, along with the

vibrational healing energy found in the tiger cowry shell,

energy meridians flow  in a more balanced state. 

Duration 70 minutes                             


From The Earth Herbal Facial Therapy $80

Holistic Skin Therapies promote skin health by cleansing irritants from

skin’s surface with the application of pure botanical infusions utilizing

the technique of hydrotherapy. Skin radiates with health following the

application of a “super botanical blend” of herbal clays, mist, and

serums. This unique experience in wellness renews, repairs, and 

restores the health of the skin.  

Duration 60 minutes